Ladies Open Four Ball Alliance

23 July 2020

Ladies Team Event.
4 Ball Alliance with 2 scores to count per hole.
Maximum Handicap 32.
No food is included in the entrance fee, but a selection of light meals will be available throughout the day.

Members £5.00 Visitors £21.00

Please note, no more than two ladies from the Worcestershire Golf Club may play on a team. Teams may consist of members from different clubs.

Team 1
09:50 Catherine Francis, Mary Horrobin, Dinah Spillane, Linda Seaton
10:00 Janet Manning-Cox, Louise Smith, Jennifer Simms, Jill Brierly
10:20 Jane Quick, Brenda Jones, Pauline Wetton, Cynthia Harris
10:30 Helen Clements, Pam Collins, Fiona Woods, Fiona Smith
10:50 Barbara Buggin, Angela Sollis, Camilla Haines, Lynda Newberry
11:00 Louise Dalglish, Judy Thomas, Kathy Briggs, Fiona Carlisle
11:10 Diana Best, Penny Singleton, Elizabeth Sheehan, Hilary Bramley
11:20 Lorraine Mccracken, Anne Taylor, Rosemary Taylor, Meg Swinburne
11:30 Sue Cooper, Jo Crow, Shirley Birch, Gill Godfrey
11:40 Chris Barnes, Elizabeth Arkell, Lorraine Franklin, Susan Lewis
11:50 Susan Davenport, Pauline Foster, Bridget Halpern, Maureen Robinson
12:00 Heather Slevin, Christine Sumner, Hilary Patterson, Caroline Wheatley
12:10 Tracey Legg, Lisa Lineham, Julie Clarke, Sharon Morgan
12:20 Rosie Loh, Sally Smith, Shelagh Inglis, Dawn Stanhope
12:30 Karen Towell, Debbie Cottom, Gill Ball, Joanne Boyes
12:40 Lois Price, Katie Stooke, Dinah Johnston, Lin Mccoy
12:50 Karen Thomas, Sally Curry, Jeanette Mumford, Lyn Cotterill
13:00 Diane Wilde, Lesley Buchan, Lin Andrew, Annabelle Carter
13:10 Celina Williams, Helen Lane, Pauline Bryant, Jane Brian
13:20 June Jones, Fiona Lucas, Andy Wright, Hil Soms
13:30 Beverly Coleman, Rachel Smith, Yvonne Sutcliffe, Debbie Spencer
13:40 Sue Birch, Chris Atkins, Valerie Evans, Jill Yates
13:50 Jackie Marks, Gail Halford, Jean Wilkinson, Maggie Thompson